Seminar Topics

**Church Security Overview: complete review of church security, including team building, plan development, etc. Includes the scriptural basis that guide security and the ministry focus of church security (2 hrs)

**Behavior Observation: principles of crowd evaluation, individual characteristic assessment and interview techniques. Enlightening team members on techniques used by law enforcement to quickly gauge an individual or group (2 hrs)

**Monitoring Services: how to systematically observe before, during and after a worship service. What characteristics should you notice in a person that is suspicious? (1 hr)

**Disruptive Persons: – a look at past disruptions, including the most extreme – church shootings (1hr)

**Offering: suggested processes for safely gathering/securing the offering (30 mins)

**Pastoral Protection: protection for the “heart-beat” of your church. Justification for the need to “protect” and degrees of protection (30 mins)

**Emergency Planning: a comprehensive look at natural and man-made disaster planning. “Are you prepared for an emergency? (1 hr)

**Interview Techniques: overview/practical exercise in collecting reliable, dependable information from subjects contacted through church security. Focuses on the ability and responsibility of team members to make contact and gather intelligence (1 hr)

**Tactical Mindset: also known as Situational Awareness, it’s an overview of the proper mental approach to security as well as life. Includes a look at equipment, mental outlook and the “7 Habits of a Successful Police Officer”. Do your team members have the correct “mindset” or are they destined for failure? (2 hrs)

Church Shootings: an in-depth review of the past incidents, complete with subject profiles

Personal Security for Church Staff: a common sense review of personal security, emphasizing basic principles to enhance safety. Churches are places of safety, peace and comfort, but are they prime targets for crime? (1 hr)

Threat Assessment: a newly developed system for assessing the validity and seriousness of a threat. Based on research by both the FBI and Secret Service, this systematic approach is well defined. (2 hrs)

Active Shooter, RUN, HIDE, FIGHT: In depth overview of the Sandy Hook tragedy, coupled with the ReadyHouston video RUN, HIDE, FIGHT. This can be training for staff, as well as security team members, it employs a comprehensive, easy to follow system to follow in the event of an active shooter. Also an excellent program for the church body. (2 hrs)

Weekday Security Measures: active and passive measures that can be implemented to secure the staff and building during the week. (1 hr)

“Beyond CHL”: this program was designed for CHL holders to expand on the state mandated training, to include: safety, equipment, techniques, deadly force guidelines, state law and a four point checklist for deadly force use. This could be training that you offer for church members and staff. (3.5 hrs)

** Must-have topics for all church security operations