Teamworks Consulting Inc. (TCI) is committed to partnering with your organization to develop guidelines, processes and tactics to better confront the challenges in the future through planning, development, implementation and training efforts. As you assess your needs in the hospitality, medical and safety arenas, TCI would like to be your partner in those efforts. With a vast knowledge base in multiple disciplines, TCI is equipped to deliver workable solutions to your needs.

TCI offers corporations, schools, churches and government entities a comprehensive range of security and crisis management services. The firm’s experts possess a broad range of experience in law enforcement, crisis management, life safety, security design, operational planning and plan development/training.

Capabilities of TCI:

  • Threat Assessment
  • Critical Incident Management Plan
  • Emergency Medical Plan
  • Safety/Security Team Training

Experience of TCI:

  • 35+ years of law enforcement experience
  • 40 years of church security experience
  • 20 years of emergency medical equipment /planning
  • CCTV/Infrastructure Development