Personal Security

Practical, realistic presentations of safety and security techniques for your employees, tailored for the environment they live in.

Critical Incident Management Training

Training based on the organization’s plan, tailored to train and prepare employees to respond based on the plan that is in place. If your organization employs a flip chart, it will be used as the framework of the training.

Emergency Team Training

Specialized training to equip and elevate the response of your security & response staff. Includes Situation Awareness, Dispute Resolution, Threat Assessment, De-escalation.

Active Shooter Training

A common sense approach to preparing for the worse case scenario, an active shooter. Based on the Ready Houston video, RUN, HIDE, FIGHT, combined with an overview of a recent school shooting incident.

Customized Training

All training will be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Should a specific situation develop or emerge, TCI can customize training to address your needs